Let us keep our good habits

May 20, 2020

COVID 19 has undoubtedly changed the life of many but some of our new habits can be beneficial and could as well stay with us in the long term.

A Budapest based law firm’s new story started when they invested in a fleet of brand new Boardy scooters right when the first lock down orders were announced in March 2020. Switching from public transportation to scooting to and from work has greatly reduced the risk of infection but they have also found a fast, fun and healthy alternative way to commute that would stay with them once the pandemic is over. Read on for their full story.

“When the lockdown was ordered we realized we would not be able to do all our work in home office but our colleagues were understandably reluctant to take their usual subway and bus ride to work. We ordered five Boardys because one of our colleagues has already tried one last Summer and has been raving about ever since.

Some of us had been skeptic whether a scooter was a suitable alternative to a daily 45-minute bus and tram ride through several districts in the city but we were very surprised to see that the Boardy has even shortened some of our colleagues’ commute by more than five minutes while none of us experienced more than ten minute excess commuting time with the Boardy. For our colleagues who live the farthest from the office, there is always the possibility to combine their scooter commute with a few stops of public transportation as Boardy is foldable and very easy to lift with a single hand. 

Our team has fallen in love with scooting and they are using it not only for our commute but also in their free time for leisure or sports since some lock down regulations have been lifted and we are able to go out. Some of us have not been moving too much lately and daily scooting has even helped us losing some weight.

We are confident that we will not park our Boardys when the restrictions are over, this is one of the very few positive things we will have gained from the pandemic. We are sure we will reach our favorite restaurants quicker in our lunchbreak too

I was using a cheaper small wheel scooter for short trips but it was never able to take me on these paths. With my Boardy I can finally ride on cobblestone and even dirt roads in great comfort and safety.

We hope many people will have a chance to experience scooting with Boardy! It is a great alternative of public transportation or even cycling in the city.

Many thanks and best wishes to the entire Boardy Team!

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