A 500 km trip with Boardy

October 06, 2020

A 500 km trip with Boardy

Recently I took my upgraded Boardy on a seven day trip in Sweden. Originally I had planned a much longer trip but due to the Corona situation I decided to make it shorter.  However, after to many rough roads and roads with heavy traffic I decided to call it the quits only after one week and a bit over 500 km (310 miles).

Somewhere in Sweden may 2020 with a Boardy kick scooter

Somewhere in Sweden

I travel light and pack my bags with some extra clothes, rain clothing, tools and a repair kit and some water. I eat where I can and I stay in hostels and hotels. I can´t stand sleeping in a tent.

This was my second seven day trip since I purchased my Boardy approximately two years ago.  In 2018 I made a 450 km (280 miles) trip in both Germany and Sweden.

Somewhere in Sweden by a lake with a Boardy kick scooter

Most of the year I ride my Boardy around the area of Gothenburg where I live. Sometimes I take a bus or a train to some location and kick my way back home the same day. Most common distances that I ride is between 25 and 50 km (15 – 30 miles) though sometimes even 100 km (62 miles). I don’t ride every day! Particularly during winter which I don’t ride at all.

I have always enjoyed riding a bicycle. But some years ago I started to become numb when sitting on the saddle which then led me to the discovery of kick scooters for adults.

Before I discovered Boardy I had tried a few kick scooters but I must confess that Boardy is far superior to any kick scooter I have tried before or after. This is top of the line if you ask me and it suits my purpose excellent. It is small and I can fold it and bring it on a bus, a train or in my car easily. I know there are some really good and bigger and faster kick scooters that are used in competing, for example. However, I am not interested in neither competing nor going particularly fast.

And it is so light too!

One thing that make Boardy stand out from other kick scooters is of course the soft and flexible board itself. I come very close to the ground which is important to me since I feel that too much pressure are put on my hips otherwise.

I enjoy being in touch with the ground all the time. That plus going a bit slower than bicycle makes me come in contact with and experience the surroundings even more. To me it is a very harmonious way of moving.

Recently I decided to upgrade my Boardy with new wheel hubs, break booster and a mudguard. The last two is a must for every serious user of Boardy.

I have many miles more to ride this summer. One trip that I have thought of for a while is to take the ferry to Kiel and then ride back home through Germany and Denmark.

We’ll see!

Otherwise I happily ride where I am!

Rough road ahead with Boardy

Rough road ahead!



If you are planning to buy a kick scooter I highly recommend Boardy. It is a bit more costly than many others, but you will soon realize where that extra money went!


Happy ride, Boardy lovers!


Envind Redin

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