Terms and Conditions


Effective from August 1, 2016.


These terms and conditions will apply for the use of and all transactions made through www.boardyonboard.com


By using our webpage and especially when buying a product in our webshop you must accept these terms and conditions. Please do not use our website if you disagree with any of the terms below.


These terms and conditions may be changed without prior notifications. Changes will be effective from the date they are published on our website, www.boardyonboard.com and shall not affect the orders already confirmed by us.

All transactions made through our website will be subject to Hungarian law and EU regulations. We are fully compliant with the regulations of the European Union.



 This website is run by boardy on board Ltd. which also means that all purchases you make in our webstore will be made with this company. You will find the most important info about our company:

 Name: boardy on board Kft.

Registered seat: Karpat utca 37, Budapest, Hungary, H-1133

E-mail: info@boardyonboard.com 

Telephone: +36 30 9976144 (available from Mon-Fri, between 9.00 to 17.00)

Company registration number: 01-09-424591

Records kept by: Metropolitan Court of Budapest

EU VAT number: HU 25716410

Hungarian tax number: 25716410-2-41


All transactions made through this website shall be made in the language of your choice available on our website, currently: English, Hungarian.




By making an order in our webstore a virtual sale and purchase agreement will be made between you as purchaser and boardy on board Ltd as seller. Do not worry, it is all regulated by consumer protection laws of the EU and Hungary and we also follow the best practice of webstores.


You do NOT need to register on our website to make a purchase.


You will be able to make a purchase by choosing the product you would like to buy and add it to your virtual shopping cart by clicking the ‘ADD TO CART’ button. You can always remove or modify the quantity of the product in your cart. You can add several different products to your shopping cart.


All prices shown in our webstore include VAT. If you are a reseller or a company with valid EU VAT number, please contact us before making your order. The stock information on our website is indicative.


Once you finish picking products you should proceed by clicking the ‘CHECKOUT’ button. If you have any discount coupons, you should validate it before checkout.


The checkout process takes three steps. Filling the delivery and billing data, choosing delivery options and making the payment.


In the first step you need to give us your delivery and billing data. Please make sure and double check to enter the correct data otherwise we may not be able to delivery you the ordered products.




Normally our customers choose parcel service delivery that is the most convenient and fastest method. You can also choose personal pickup in Budapest, Hungary. Pickup location and time will be arranged by our colleague who will contact you as soon as possible.


The delivery will be done by our parcel service partner. By making a purchase your delivery data (name, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail, and nothing else) will be forwarded to our partner who will only use it to delivery your product.


Due to the high demand for Boardy scooters, delivery times may vary but you should expect at least 3-4 weeks from placing your order. We know that it is a long time and are working hard to cut our delivery times. Should the delivery take longer than expected, we will contact you to inform you about this.




Secure online payment


The safest, cheapest and quickest way to pay for your products is by credit or debit card through our website. The online payment is made through checkoutportal.com service presented by Wirecard AG. Your card data will be handled and secured by Wirecard and will not be shared with us. Please note that you should expect the shortest order processing and delivery times by paying online.


Bank transfer


You can also choose to make the payment of the purchase price via bank transfer to our bank account. If you choose this option, please always use the order reference number provided to you when you receive your order confirmation e-mail. You will need to use the following bank account for this manual payment:

If in Hungarian Forints:

Account holder: boardy on board Ltd.

IBAN: HU71117130812120944800000000, SWIFT: OTPVHUHB, Bank: OTP Bank

If in EUR:

Account holder: boardy on board Kft.
IBAN: BE27 9670 1881 9073
Address: TransferWise Europe SA, Avenue Marnix 13-17, Brussels 1000, Belgium

Please do not use any other bank account sent to you through e-mail as it may be a scam. Only trust the bank account you find on our website.

Cash payment on pickup

If you are around Budapest, Hungary, you can also choose to pick up your product in a time and location arranged with us and pay in cash upon pickup. If you choose this option, we will contact you to arrange pickup.




Once the order has been finalized by making a successful online payment or choosing an offline payment option, you will receive an automated message summarizing your order. This is a confirmation that we have received your order. In the following days you may receive additional information from us about the status of your order. We will always update you when your products are handed over for shipping.


Please note that by the confirmation e-mail, you and boardy on board Ltd. are considered to have entered into a virtual sale and purchase agreement according to Govt. Decree 45/2014.(II.26.). The subject of the agreement will be the content of your order as summarized in the confirmation e-mail. Please check this e-mail carefully and if you find that it differs from what you really wanted to order then please contact us immediately and we will help you sort out the problem.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a few minutes from submitting your order, please contact us immediately.




Please check the quantities of your order right upon delivery or pickup. It rarely happens but if you find that something you ordered and paid for is missing from the package, or should you find damage on the packaging then notify the parcel on site and us immediately. Please also ask the parcel service to make a short written protocol about the missing items or the condition of the package.


After opening the package please inspect your products for any damages or defects. Please let us know if your product is defective or shows signs of damage.




You will find assembly and operations manual in your package. The manual is also downloadable from our website.


Your products may require minor assembly before first use. You will find the tool, a hex key, required for this in the package. Please check all parts of the Boardy before first use as screws may loosen during shipping. Tighten them with the hex key provided. Repeat this in every 2-3 weeks.


Always check the efficiency of the brakes before each ride.


You should always check the tire pressure on both tires before the first use and in every two weeks. For product safety reasons, tires will always be shipped deflated or semi-inflated and will require pumping. Boardy tires can be inflated by car-valve type pumps found in most households and at every gas station. Pumps are not included in the basic package. The tires must be inflated to a pressure between 3-4 bars for optimum performance.




All products in the Boardy Webstore are subject to a 14 day unconditional cancellation policy.


In harmony with EU regulations (especially, EU Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights) you are entitled to revoke (cancel) your order within 14 days from when the products have been shipped to you. Your cancellation right is unconditional and you are not required to tell us the reason why you changed your mind, however we will welcome any feedback you give us.


Cancellations must be made in writing to our postal address or by e-mail, within 15 days from the delivery of the product. Your package will contain a cancellation form that you may but are not obligated to use if cancelling your order.


The product must be sent back to us within 15 days from sending the cancellation to us. The costs of sending back to products must be prepaid by you and it must be a trackable shipment. We will not accept cash on delivery shipments and will not refund you until the product is sent back to us or you can provide credible evidence that you have handed over the product to the shipping company. We also recommend to keep the original packaging of your product as shipping back to product without proper packaging may damage the product that will result in a reduction of the refundable amount.


We will refund your money within 14 days from the cancellation but not sooner than the product is shipped back to us. Normally we will refund you with the full purchase price you paid for the product and the regular shipment costs, if any, that you paid for the delivery of your order. We will not refund the costs of shipping the product back to us and any extra delivery costs, such as express delivery, if any. Upon delivery we will examine the product. If there is any damage on the product other than expectable normal wear-and-tear, we will make a deduction from the refunded amount.


Please note that we cannot refund your custom griptape fee, as it is a product that has been manufactured personally for you (‘made to order’) and such products or services are not subject to unconditional cancellation based on EU and local regulations.




All products in the webstore feature a 12 months unlimited warranty except for smaller and cheaper items that are subject to 6 months warranty. All warranty times and clearly indicated on the product pages.


Within this period of unlimited warranty any defects in the products will be considered as defects already present upon delivery and these products will be repaired or changed by us to new. Only exception if the damage is clearly a result of improper use or lack of proper maintenance.


Our products are also subject to a 2 year limited warranty that is independent from the above unlimited warranty and is based on the Hungarian Civil Code.


Based on the limited warranty the defects of the product will be considered a warranty issue if it is clearly not a result of improper use or lack of maintenance.


In case of both warranty options, you must contact us immediately after noticing the defect. We take all complaints very seriously and we will contact you and arrange repair or exchange of your defective product or part.


As an obligation posed on us by the law, we must inform you that in case of warranty issue, you are entitled to a repair or exchange of the defective product. If neither of these are possible then you may cancel your order (and get a full refund) or ask for reduction of purchase price. However, we would like to assure you that should you experience a defective Boardy product, we will always do our best to repair or exchange your product with the least inconvenience for you.




Should you encounter any difficulties while browsing our webpage our making a purchase please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to correct any mistakes.


We are not responsible for the data you send to us in any form (i.e. on e-mail, during the purchase, etc.). Please always make sure that the data and information you enter are correct and that you have the consent of any third parties whose data you submit.




All information, pictures, videos, texts, design and even this terms and conditions are subject to copyright and exclusively owned by boardy on board Ltd.


You are not allowed to copy, use, modify any of these information for any other purpose than making a purchase in the webstore or finding information about our products. You are strictly prohibited to resell, make available for download, copy to your webpage, etc. any of the information on our website.


Boardy, boardy on board are exclusive trademarks of boardy on board Ltd. Boardy scooters are protected and may not be copied, reproduced without our prior written approval.




We, at boardy are selling premium products and value all customers. Should you have any complaints, we will take it very seriously and will do our best to solve the issue.


You may submit your complaint on e-mail or in postal letter.


We will answer your complaints as soon as possible, but within a maximum of 30 days allowed by law. All complaints will be assigned with an individual reference number.


Should your complaint be refused by us, for any reason, we will do so in writing, and will always inform you about your legal possibilities. We are obliged to keep records of your complaint for 5 years.


You may always turn to the competent consumer arbitration board called ‘Budapesti Békéltető Testület’ on their address at Krisztina krt. 99., Budapest, Hungary, H-1016. or the online dispute resolution system maintained by the European Committee at http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/internet-services/index_hu.htm