Boardy XXL Bamboo

Boardy XXL for big guys!

The Boardy XXL features a stronger and less flexible board, strengthened fork and BrakeBooster for heavier users. The Boardy XXL is suitable for riders up to 150 kg (330 lbs) body weight.

This Boardy XXL Kick Scooter is made for adults with bamboo board cover on top.

Perfectly clean design using beautiful Chinese Bamboo. Do not be surprised to meet bamboo Boardys around the world from California to South Africa.

All boards have been tested with over 250 kg (550 lbs) load.

This XXL scooter is best suited for adults between 100 kg and 150 kg (220 - 330 lbs) of body weight. 

(The floor stand is available separately as an accessory.) 

Description of Options

Handle Bar Clamp Color: choose the color of the two aluminum clamps found at the joints of the handle.


    Category: bamboo, folding, kick scooter, XL, XXL

    Type: Boardy Kick Scooter

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    Boardy XXL Bamboo

    Great product, super fast shipping.

    Many Thanks


    Boardy XXL Bamboo

    The Boardy XXL is a blast to ride

    I recieved my Boardy XXL nearly a month ago. I used it to drive to work and around town. The build quality is superb. It has enough flexibility to drive on rough surfaces. The brake is very reliable and in general I feel safe driving this vehicle. It's light enough to carry around and with the foldable handle it can be put away easily All in all it is a lot of fun to ride the Boardy XXL.

    Best of

    A világ legjobb rollere:)


    It's not up until you have the scooter on hand that you can really understand the concept of a flexible board.
    The scooter is super smooth and I don't have the urge to ride like a mad man like on my Kostka but I am still able to do about 15km in an hour. I am not too slow for the bike path and not to imposing when I take a pedestrian path ;)
    Thanks again for your great product!

    unbelievable flexibility - incredible strength

    The Boardy's soul lies in its full-length, composite board made of natural beech wood and glass fibre layers.

    Flexibility of the composite board helps in absorbing most vibration from uneven terrains while guaranteeing perfect handling of the scooter.

    Several layers of glass fibre makes the board literally unbreakable. The board has been tested to withstand over 220 kg (485 lbs) load.

    The Boardy's flexibility is adjusted to best suit riders below 100 kg (220 lbs) in weight. XL and XXL models are also available for heavier users.

    The board is available with different wood covers (bamboo, mahogany, maple, walnut, etc) and also black carbon cover. The characteristics of these board variations are the same with only their top cover wood layer being different.

    Foldable and Lightweight

    The Boardy is an adult sized kick scooter with no compromises in portability. 

    Thanks to its self designed aluminum QuickFold system the Boardy folds or unfolds in a few seconds.

    The Boardy is quoted as the lightest kick scooter of its size with its gross weight of only 5.8 kg (12.6 lbs).

    While surprisingly easy to be lifted with a single hand, the Boardy can also be conveniently rolled on its rear wheel when folded.

    The folded dimensions allow perfect fit for luggage compartments of public transportation or cars.

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