Boardy LiTE Kick Scooter

Boardy LiTE Kick Scooter for adults (normal board flexibility).

Boardy LiTE are simplified version of the popular Boardy Kick Scooters with adjustable, removable but non-folding handle. Some parts have shiny metallic paint instead of anodized surface treatment.

LiTE models are built with the same FiberFlex Technology composite board used on all other Boardy scooters, covered with beautiful Chinese Bamboo. They provide the same perfect ride comfort as other Boardy kick scooters.

The LiTE scooters have adjustable handle bar heights in three positions to allow comfortable ride for all adult riders up to 190 cm. Optional extended handle is available.

All boards have been tested with over 220 kg (485 lbs) load.

This scooter's flexibility is adjusted for the best ride comfort of adults up to 100 kg (220 lbs) in body weight.

Description of Options

Handle Bar Clamp Color: choose the color of the two aluminum clamps found at the joints of the handle.


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