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Boardy Carbon Kick Scooter (Special Edition)

Our 'flagship' kick scooter, the Boardy Black Carbon (normal board flexibility).

Breathtaking design with black carbon fiber coating on top and bottom of the board topped with light grey grip tape, black anodized rims and spokes, anodized gold Brake Booster and clamps, and the very best quality heavy duty hubs with sealed bearings. Your Boardy won't get better than this.

Our lightest and toughest Boardy thanks to the super strong carbon fibre and heavy duty wheel hubs by Miche that withstand harsh conditions.

The Boardy Black Carbon will guarantee the same perfect ride comfort as other Boardys.

 All boards have been tested with over 220 kg (485 lbs) load.

This scooter (normal flexibility) is best suited for adults up to 100 kg (220 lbs) in body weight. XXL model also available.

    (The floor stand is available separately as an accessory.) 


      Customer Reviews

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      Best in class

      Great ride good service good quality



      Carbon boardy

      Excellent bit of kit really pleased

      My best purchase this year

      As I am over 65 I was a bit worried whether a scooter is suitable for me or not. András reassured me that there were several users of similar age throughout the world. And indeed, it proved to be very safe, and I have been using it almost daily since I purchased it more than a month ago. It saves me a lot of time and I can carry it on public transport vehicles easily. I am very happy that I decided to purchase it.

      Absolutely perfect for commuter

      Have been commuting (5mi/day) with Boardy for 1+ months in New York City. I would give it a 5-star for daily commute.

      For anyone looking for a new way to travel in the city, get a kick scooter. It’s flexible, fast, relatively safe and fun! It’s a better workout than cycling. For my 2.5 mi one-way trip with up/down hills, I’m only 2-3 minutes slower than biking. Get a helmet, a rear helmet light, a front light, and some reflective stickers and you’re ready to go.

      I don’t have experience with other adult kick scooters, but boardy is really comfortable to ride. Before trying I was concerned about the front-only brake, but it turns out to be quit reliable and safe. Just pull back your weight when braking.

      Eager to get my boardy off road some day.


      The Boardy's soul lies in its full-length, composite board made of natural beech wood and glass fibre layers.

      Flexibility of the composite board helps in absorbing most vibration from uneven terrains while guaranteeing perfect handling of the scooter.

      Several layers of glass fibre makes the board literally unbreakable. The board has been tested to withstand over 220 kg (485 lbs) load.

      The Boardy's flexibility is adjusted to best suit riders below 100 kg (220 lbs) in weight. XL and XXL models are also available for heavier users.

      The board is available with different wood covers (bamboo, mahogany, maple, walnut, etc) and also black carbon cover. The characteristics of these board variations are the same with only their top cover wood layer being different.


      The Boardy is an adult sized kick scooter with no compromises in portability. 

      Thanks to its self designed aluminum QuickFold system the Boardy folds or unfolds in a few seconds.

      The Boardy is the quoted as the lightest kick scooter of its size but the Black Carbon is even lighter with its gross weight of only 5.7 kg (12.4 lbs).

      While surprisingly easy to be lifted by a single hand, the Boardy can be conveniently rolled on its rear wheel when folded.

      The folded dimensions allow perfect fit for luggage compartments of public transportation or cars.

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